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General Crossword Questions for “reception”

  • Getting a welcome
  • Taking in the wedding party
  • First class house room?
  • Here visitors may check in for a social occasion
  • Creep into organised function
  • Acknowledgement by the party


  • a large formal party, such as a wedding reception, where the guests are "received" (welcomed) by the hosts and guests of honor Reception (American football), a type of play where the ball is received (caught) by a player on the thrower's team. — “Reception - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Immaculate Reception is the nickname given to one of the most famous plays in the history of American football. It occurred in the AFC divisional playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on December 23, 1972. — “Immaculate Reception - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Reception theory is a version of reader response literary theory that emphasizes the reader's reception of a literary text. A form of reception theory has also been applied to the study of historiography; see Reception history (below). This approach to textual analysis. — “Reception theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • 'And people are giving their eyes to be asked to the dinner party which he is to give to the Emperor in July;–and even to the reception afterwards.' — “The Way We Live Now” by Anthony Trollope
  • You will, my dear niece, remain at Knowl, until a few simple arrangements shall have been completed for your reception at this place. — “Uncle Silas” by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  • But when satisfied on all these points, and their acquaintance proportionably advanced, he contrived to find an opportunity, while their two fathers were engaged with each other, of introducing his mother-in-law, and speaking of her with so much handsome praise, so much warm admiration, so much gratitude for the happiness she secured to his father, and her very kind reception of himself, as was an additional proof of his knowing how to please–and of his certainly thinking it worth while to try to please her. — “Emma” by Jane Austen
  • If mildness were the more natural expression of such a combination of features, it was plain, that in the present instance, the exercise of habitual superiority, and the reception of general homage, had given to the Saxon lady a loftier character, which mingled with and qualified that bestowed by nature. — “Ivanhoe” by Sir Walter Scott
  • The lawn was the reception room, and for several minutes a lively scene was enacted there. — “Little Women” by Louisa M. Alcott
  • "I? Oh, I share the appointment, godfather," he lied, "and I have a superstition against toasts." He had no wish to remain. He was angry with Aline for her smiling reception of M. de La Tour d'Azyr and the sordid bargain he saw her set on making. He was suffering from the loss of an illusion. — “Sacaramouche” by Rafael Sabatini


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