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  • The two forms, which are non-superimposable when rotated in 3-dimensional space, are said A common misconception is that a point of asymmetry exists only if there are four. — “Racemization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Such complexes typically adopt an octahedral molecular geometry and are thus chiral.[1] One pathway by which these compounds can racemize is via the formation of a trigonal prismatic intermediate with D3h point group symmetry. An alternative pathway is called the Ray-Dutt twist. — “Bailar twist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The first methylation of the amine begins with imine formation with formaldehyde. The formic acid acts as a source of hydride and reduces the imine to a secondary amine. Chiral amines typically do not racemize under these conditions.[5]. — “Eschweiler-Clarke reaction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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