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  • All rabbitfish are diurnal, some live in school, while others live more solitary lives among the corals. This applies to the White-spotted (S. canaliculatus) and the Mottled Spinefoot (S. fuscescens), and to the Blotched Foxface (S. unimaculatus) and the Foxface Rabbitfish (S. vulpinus). — “Rabbitfish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Foxface Rabbitfish (Siganus vulpinus) is a popular saltwater It belongs to the rabbitfish family (Siganidae) and is sometimes still placed in the. — “Foxface rabbitfish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Smalleyed rabbitfish (Hydrolagus affinis) is a species of fish in the Chimaeridae family. It has very wide distribution almost everywhere in northern Atlantic in depths from 300 to 2,410 meters, being most common below 1,000 meters. Its total length ranges from 32 to 147 centimeters. — “Smalleyed rabbitfish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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