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  • He took a prominent part in the regeneration of Karaism by the help of philosophical elements borrowed from Rabbinite literature. community of his native town, and in that capacity he engaged the Rabbinite teachers in a public dispute to determine the correct time for the new moon. — “Aaron ben Joseph of Constantinople - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • In 1828 he lived in Berdichev, and had controversies with some Rabbinite Jews, the result being his anti-rabbinical work Masah u-Meribah (Eupatoria, In 1830 he visited Jerusalem, where he collected many Karaite and Rabbinite manuscripts. — “Abraham Firkovich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • ( 4) Has the Karaite Bible any variants from the Rabbinite Bible, and what is the prevailing belief among the Karaites with regard to the time of the introduction of vowels and accents? As to the author of the Targum, Mordecai knows him only through the Rabbinite authorities. — “Mordecai ben Nissan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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