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  • Air in BBC broadcast about Jewish law


  • Rabbinic literature, in its broadest sense, can mean the entire spectrum of rabbinic writings throughout Jewish history. refer to later, post-Talmudic writers of Rabbinic glosses on Biblical and Talmudic texts. — “Rabbinic literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Rabbinic Judaism or Rabbinism (Hebrew: "Yahadut Rabanit" - יהדות רבנית) is a term used by critical bible scholars who believe that the talmudic interpretation of Judaism originated with the closure of the redaction of the Talmud. Rabbinic Judaism is based on the belief that at Mount Sinai, Moses. — “Rabbinic Judaism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Conservative Judaism has less stringent study requirements for Talmud and responsa study compared to Orthodoxy but adds following subjects as requirements for rabbinic ordination: pastoral care and psychology, the historical development of Judaism; and academic biblical criticism. — “Rabbi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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