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  • Illusionistic ceiling painting, which includes the techniques of perspective di sotto in sù and quadratura, is the tradition in Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo art in which trompe l'oeil, perspective tools such as foreshortening, and other spatial. — “Illusionistic ceiling painting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Quadratura is a term introduced during the Baroque period in Italy to describe simulated or illusionistic architecture. A prominent school of quadratura arose in Baroque Bologna. — “Category:Quadratura painters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • James Gregory attempted a proof of its impossibility in Vera Circuli et Hyperbolae Quadratura (The True Squaring of the Circle and of the Hyperbola) in 1667. Although his proof was incorrect, it was the first paper to attempt to solve the problem using algebraic properties of π. — “Squaring the circle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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