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  • For example, if you were sampling from a school field, but for convenience only placed quadrats next to a path, this might not give you a sample that was representative of the whole field. One way you can sample randomly is to place the quadrats at coordinates on a numbered grid. — “Quadrat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • An interrupted belt transect records all the species found in quadrats (square frames) placed at certain intervals along a line. Quadrats are sampled all the way down the transect line, at each marked point on the line, or at some other predetermined interval (or even. — “Belt transect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The fractal model can be configured by dividing the landscape into quadrats of different sizes[13][14], or bisecting into grids with special sub-quadrats, we will find a constant portion (f) of sub-quadrats is. — “Scaling pattern of occupancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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