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  • The quadratrix of Dinostratus (also called the quadratrix of Hippias) was well known to the ancient Greek geometers, and is mentioned by Proclus, who ascribes the invention of the curve to a contemporary of Socrates, probably Hippias of Elis. — “Quadratrix - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Then the locus of the intersection of PQ and OM is the quadratrix of Dinostratus. Possibly file:Quadratrix animation.gif will be useful for the article?. — “Talk:Quadratrix - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • To solve this problem, Dinostratus made use of the trisectrix of Hippias, which later became known as the quadratrix after Dinostratus' solution. circle, the curve more commonly came to be known as the quadratrix. — “Dinostratus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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