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General Crossword Questions for “quadratic”

  • Sort of equation in algebra
  • (In maths) a type of equation


  • Quadratic equations can be solved by factoring, completing the square, One common use of quadratic equations is computing trajectories in projectile motion. — “Quadratic equation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A quadratic function, in mathematics, is a polynomial function of the form The expression ax2 + bx + c in the definition of a quadratic function is a polynomial of degree 2 or second order, or a 2nd degree polynomial,. — “Quadratic function - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Quadratic forms occupy a central place in various branches of mathematics, including number theory, linear algebra, group theory (orthogonal group), differential Quadratic forms are homogeneous quadratic polynomials in n variables. — “Quadratic form - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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