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  • Qadi (also known as Qaadi, Qaadee, Qazi, Kazi or Kadi) (Arabic: قاضي qāḍī‎) is a judge ruling in accordance with the sharia, Islamic religious law appointed by the ruler of a Muslim Country. A qadi must be an adult and free man, a Muslim, sane, unconvicted of. — “Qadi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Qadi Ayyad ibn Musa (1083–1149)(Arabic: القاضي عياض بن موسى‎, in French transliteration Qadi Iyad) or Abu al-Fadl Ayyad ibn Amr ibn Musa ibn Ayyad ibn Muhammad ibn Abdillah ibn Musa ibn Ayyad al-Yahsubi al-Sabti (أبو الفضل عياض بن موسى بن عياض. — “Qadi Ayyad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The European Union has also applied sanctions to Al Qadi. In 2007 the European Court of Justice overturned sanctions against Al Qadi by individual European Union governments, on the grounds the EU nations had not offered those sanctioned a chance for a judicial review.[2]. — “Yasin al-Qadi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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