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  • Hermetic Qabalah (Hebrew קַבָּלָה "reception"), is a Western esoteric and mystical tradition. Hermetic Qabalah draws on a great many influences, most notably: Jewish Kabbalah, Western astrology, Alchemy, pagan religions, especially Egyptian. — “Hermetic Qabalah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Provides a comprehensive overview and history of Kabbalah. For other Kabbalistic traditions see Christian Kabbalah, Hermetic Qabalah, and Practical Kabbalah. — “Kabbalah - Wikipedia”,
  • According to Jake Stratton-Kent, the English Qabala is a qabalah and not a system of numerology or solely gematria. He believes a qabalah is specifically related to three factors: a language, a 'holy' text or texts, and mathematical laws at. — “English Qabalah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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