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  • Pyrola rotundifolia. Pyrola (syn. Pirola Necker) is a genus of evergreen herbaceous plants in the family Ericaceae. Under the old Cronquist system it was placed in its own family Pyrolaceae, but genetic research showed it belonged in the family Ericaceae. — “Pyrola - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Pyrola media (Intermediate Wintergreen) is a flowering plant in the genus Pyrola, native to northern and eastern Europe and Western Asia.[1][2] It is a herbaceous evergreen perennial plant with a basal rosette of leaves and a single erect flowering stem 15-30 cm tall. — “Pyrola media - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Pyrola rotundifolia or Round-leaved Wintergreen is a plant species of the genus Pyrola.[1] is found in the Northeastern United States, as Pyrola americana var. — “Pyrola rotundifolia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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