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General Crossword Questions for “proudest”

  • Most delighted (with an achievement)


  • "Proudest Monkey" has its roots in a live soundcheck done before the audience at a gig at Williams College on December 11, 1993. As a result, the band jammed the music that would later become "Proudest Monkey" to test their equipment, with Matthews making up lyrics on the spot. — “Proudest Monkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Like Chewbacca, the Jedi Knights were prominent characters in Star Wars. Enron created It wanted to buy out the California Public Employees' Retirement System's interest in. — “Chewco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Set in New York City in 1949, the story follows Holocaust survivor Herman Broder. To Yadwiga, he poses as a traveling book-salesman despite the fact he. — “Enemies, a Love Story (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • "They are perfect mother, so perfect, that they surpass by far all I have known in the leading aristocracy of the three proudest nobilities of Europe–the English, the Spanish, and the German." The countess paused a moment; then, after a slight hesitation, she resumed,–"You have seen, my dear Albert–I ask the question as a mother–you have seen M. de Monte Cristo in his house, you are quicksighted, have much knowledge of the world, more tact than is usual at your age, do you think the count is really what he appears to be?" — “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas
  • He stood, at this moment, on the very proudest eminence of superiority, to which the gifts or intellect, rich lore, prevailing eloquence, and a reputation of whitest sanctity, could exalt a clergyman in New England's earliest days, when the professional character was of itself a lofty pedestal. — “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • The captain, on the contrary, though one of the proudest fellows in the world, so absolutely yielded the victory to his antagonist, that she, who had not the least doubt of his sincerity, retired always from the dispute with an admiration of her own understanding and a love for his. — “Tom Jones” by Henry Fielding
  • And now I am Baptist Hatton with a fortune almost large enough to buy Mowbray itself, and with knowledge that can make the proudest tremble. — “Sybil” by Benjamin Disraeli
  • The figure of Rebecca might indeed have compared with the proudest beauties of England, even though it had been judged by as shrewd a connoisseur as Prince John. — “Ivanhoe” by Sir Walter Scott
  • Elton, though hesitating a good deal while he spoke; "I have no hesitation in saying–at least if my friend feels at all as I do–I have not the smallest doubt that, could he see his little effusion honoured as I see it, (looking at the book again, and replacing it on the table), he would consider it as the proudest moment of his life." — “Emma” by Jane Austen


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