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  • Pinker and Prouder Than Previous is a 1988 album by British singer-songwriter Nick Lowe and was released on the Columbia Records label. Showman · Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit · The Rose of England · Pinker and Prouder Than Previous · Party of One · The Impossible Bird · Dig My Mood · The Convincer. — “Pinker and Prouder Than Previous - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Talk:Pinker and Prouder Than Previous. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is within the scope of WikiProject Albums, an attempt at building a useful resource on recordings from a variety of genres. — “Talk:Pinker and Prouder Than Previous - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Either one, but "prouder" is more common. -- Anon, 22:00 UTC, Feb. 16. Here's an equally apt use of more proud, though some will prefer prouder in it:. — “Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Language/2008 February 16”,


  • All the ladies of the court, with their attendants and attendants' attendants, and all the cavaliers, with their gentlemen and gentlemen's gentlemen, stood round; and the nearer they stood to the door, the prouder they looked. — “Fairy tales and stories” by Hans Christian Andersen
  • "And Richard Plantagenet," said the King, "desires no more fame than his good lance and sword may acquire him–and Richard Plantagenet is prouder of achieving an adventure, with only his good sword, and his good arm to speed, than if he led to battle a host of an hundred thousand armed men." — “Ivanhoe” by Sir Walter Scott
  • The old fellow started off again; then, having got back to the chapel of the Virgin, he stretched forth his arm with an all-embracing gesture of demonstration, and, prouder than a country squire showing you his espaliers, went on–... — “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert
  • I am glad of this, for though I should be very proud of a graceful statue made by her, I shall be infinitely prouder of a lovable daughter with a talent for making life beautiful to herself and others." — “Little Women” by Louisa M. Alcott
  • Come! I feel prouder leading thee by thy black hand, than though I grasped an Emperor's!" — “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville
  • Aye, I trow, auld Ingleby, the Liverpool packman, never came up Glasco street wi' prouder pomp when he had ten horse-laids afore him o' Flanders lace, an' Hollin lawn, an' silks an' satins frae the eastern Indians, than Satan wad strodge into Hell with a packlaid o' the souls o' proud professors on his braid shoulders. — “The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner” by James Hogg


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