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  • Protoavis (meaning "first bird") is a problematic taxon of archosaurian known from fragmentary remains from Late Triassic Norian stage deposits near Post, Texas. Much controversy remains over the animal, with many different interpretations of what Protoavis actually is existing. — “Protoavis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • If Protoavis is really closer to the pygostyles than to Archaeopteryx, then Archaeopteryx [edit] Possible explanation for the disarticulation of the Protoavis remains. If the material referred to Protoavis was found disartculated, the reason for the unusual circumstances of. — “Talk:Protoavis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The fact that "Protoavis" taints everything it touches, so to speak, is probably one of the two main reasons archaeosaurian bits assigned to Protoavis and believes it to be. — “Talk:Origin of birds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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