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  • The larva have a pale, yellowish green body, a slightly orange-brown head and a prothoracic shield (the plate of the first thoracic segment just behind the head). The prothoracic shield has light gray margins on the sides. There are many small,. — “Coleotechnites apicitripunctella - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • The spook gene (Cyp307a1) is expressed in the prothoracic gland,[4] and in conjunction with the gene product Strong expression of phm is restricted to the prothoracic gland cells of the Drosophila larval ring gland.[5]. — “Halloween genes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • PTTH is released in response to environmental stimuli and as its name implies PTTH acts on the prothoracic glands, which respond by releasing molting hormone (an ecdysteroid) into the haemolymph. Molting hormone stimulates the molting process[4][5]. [edit] References ^ Kopeć, S. 1922. — “Prothoracicotropic hormone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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