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  • Historically, the accuracy of a graduated pipette was not as great as that of a volumetric pipette, however, with improved manufacturing methods, the accuracies listed by the manufacture can equal volumetric pipets. [citation needed] Two types of graduated pipettes exist:. — “Pipette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • HOwever .some pipets work by pos displacement; no source for air displacement with dispo tips more accurate then glass (eg, constriction pipets), the section on glass shows lack of pipets ar less accurate, paritcularly for viscous liquids, then pos displacement pipets. — “Talk:Pipette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The electrical potential then modify the concentration of ion species, resulting in an asymmetric current-voltage characteristic for the current flow through the pipet. A ion rectifying nano-pipet. Transport of ion in the electrolyte can be adjusted. — “Nanofluidic Circuitry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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