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  • Paralysis is loss of muscle function for one or more muscles. Most paralyses caused by nervous system damage (i.e. spinal cord injuries) are constant in nature; however, there are forms of periodic paralysis, including sleep paralysis, which are. — “Paralysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • For other people of the same name, see George McClellan (disambiguation) At Antietam, where there was nowhere for him to flee to, he fell into a paralysis of indecision. — “George B. McClellan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • By inhibiting acetylcholine release, the toxin interferes with nerve impulses and causes flaccid (sagging) paralysis of muscles in botulism, as opposed to the spastic paralysis seen in tetanus. (muscle paralysis) and chemical structure (protein) of the molecule, resulting broadly speaking in two major. — “Botulinum toxin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • Having had to encounter singlehanded during his period of eclipse many physical dangers, he was well aware of the most dangerous element common to them all: of the crushing, paralyzing sense of human littleness, which is what really defeats a man struggling with natural forces, alone, far from the eyes of his fellows. — “Nostromo” by Joseph Conrad
  • A too reflective and diffusive sympathy was in danger of paralyzing in him that indignation against wrong and that selectness of fellowship which are the conditions of moral force; and in the last few years of confirmed manhood he had become so keenly aware of this that what he most longed for was either some external event, or some inward light, that would urge him into a definite line of action, and compress his wandering energy. — “Daniel Deronda” by George Eliot
  • And in all this time not a single shot had the Spaniards contrived to fire, so completely had they been taken by surprise, and so swift and paralyzing had been Blood's stroke. — “Captain Blood” by Rafael Sabatini


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