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  • KL1 is an implementation of Flat GHC (a subset of the Guarded Horn Clauses language by Kazunori Ueda), making it a parallelised Prolog variant. "Design of the Kernel Language for the Parallel Inference Machine", U. Kazunori et al., Computer J (December 1990). — “KL1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Linux is still sequential up to GUI start, which is parallelised everywhere, but some of the BSDs try to go parallel after OS/2, Windows, and MacOS_X switch early to parallelised GUI mode, MacOS. — “Talk:Defragmentation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A Givens rotation is represented by a matrix of the form. where c = cos(θ) and s = sin(θ) appear at the intersections ith and jth rows and columns. One advantage over Householder transformations is that they can easily be parallelised, and another is that often for very sparse matrices they have. — “Givens rotation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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