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General Crossword Questions for “packs”

  • Groups declaring peace
  • It sounds like a call for the end of 19 rams
  • One finds four suits in these and gets ready to go away


  • Males assist in raising the pups, and remain with their pack for life, while the females leave their birth pack at about age two and a half years old to join a pack with no females. Males outnumber the females in a pack, and usually only one female breeds, with all of the males. — “Pack (canine) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The term battery pack is often used in reference to RC hobby toys and battery electric vehicles. Rechargeable battery packs often contain a temperature sensor, which the battery charger uses to detect the end of charging. — “Battery pack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • While board game expansions are typically designed by the original creator, video game developers sometimes contract out development of the expansion pack to third-party company, or it may choose to develop the expansion itself (see Hellfire for Diablo). — “Expansion pack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • In the course of the spring she must return their civilities by one very superior party–in which her card-tables should be set out with their separate candles and unbroken packs in the true style–and more waiters engaged for the evening than their own establishment could furnish, to carry round the refreshments at exactly the proper hour, and in the proper order. — “Emma” by Jane Austen
  • A woman is standing at the counter making purchases; several small parcels in different sorts of paper are lying in front of her. The shopman, who knows me, and knows what I usually buy, leaves the woman, and packs without much ado a loaf in a piece of paper and shoves it over to me. — “Hunger” by Knut Hamsun
  • Passepartout was dispatched in search of the steward, and soon returned with two packs of cards, some pins, counters, and a shelf covered with cloth. — “Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne
  • I remember a couple of overturned chairs, some bottles rolling on the floor amongst the packs of cards scattered suddenly as the caballeros rose from their game to open fire upon the mob. — “Nostromo” by Joseph Conrad
  • In vague ways he remembered back to the youth of the breed, to the time the wild dogs ranged in packs through the primeval forest and killed their meat as they ran it down. — “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London
  • "Oh, dear, how hard it does seem to take up our packs and go on," sighed Meg the morning after the party, for now the holidays were over, the week of merrymaking did not fit her for going on easily with the task she never liked. — “Little Women” by Louisa M. Alcott


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