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  • Sphere packing finds practical application in the stacking of oranges. However, sphere packing problems can be generalised to two dimensional space (where the ". — “Sphere packing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Packing problems are a class of optimization problems in recreational mathematics which involve attempting to pack objects together (often inside a container), as densely as possible. Many of these problems can be related to real life storage and transportation issues. — “Packing problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Meat packing industry, the process of cutting up a slaughtered animal into saleable products. Packing (phallus), the practice of wearing a phallic object inside the clothing to give the appearance of male genitals. — “Packing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • There is division, Although as yet the face of it be cover'd With mutual cunning, 'twixt Albany and Cornwall; Who have,–as who have not, that their great stars Throne and set high?–servants, who seem no less, Which are to France the spies and speculations Intelligent of our state; what hath been seen, Either in snuffs and packings of the dukes; Or the hard rein which both of them have borne Against the old kind king; or something deeper, Whereof, perchance, these are but furnishings;– But, true it is, from France there comes a power Into this scatter'd kingdom; who already, Wise in our negligence, have secret feet In some of our best ports, and are at point To show their open banner.–Now to you: If on my credit you dare build so far To make your speed to Dover, you shall find Some that will thank you making just report Of how unnatural and bemadding sorrow The king hath cause to plain. — “King Lear” by William Shakespeare


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