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  • The rule of thumb is ONE gecko per TEN gallons. If you have two males they will fight and one will die, if there is a male and female they will overbreed and the female will become egg-bound and die. I would put 2 femals in a at LEAST 20 gallon tank. — “Talk:Ocelot Gecko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • bear • bore • born/borne. forbear • forbore • forborne *misbear • misbore • misborne. overbear • overbore • overborne. underbear overbreed - overbred - overbred. bring - brought - brought. build - built - built. overbuild - overbuilt - overbuilt. rebuild. — “User:Mild Bill Hiccup/English irregular verbs - Wikipedia”,
  • The right hand column notes whether they are weak or strong and whether they belong to a subclass, and links to discussions elsewhere. overbreed - overbred - overbred. Weak with vowel reduction and assimilation of dentals. — “List of English irregular verbs - Wikipedia, the free”,


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