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  • Another priority was to create an instrument which, while similar to the clarinet, would overblow at the octave, unlike the clarinet, which rises in pitch by a twelfth when overblown; an instrument which overblew at the octave would have identical fingering for both registers. — “Saxophone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This biographical article needs additional citations for verification. They overblew their saxophones and often hit on the same note over and over, much like a black Southern preacher, until their. — “Big Jay McNeely - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • bear • bore • born/borne. forbear • forbore • forborne *misbear • misbore • misborne. overbear • overbore • overborne. underbear overblow - overblew - overblown. break - broke - broken. breed - bred - bred. inbreed - inbred - inbred. — “User:Mild Bill Hiccup/English irregular verbs - Wikipedia”,


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