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  • Orogeny refers to forces and events leading to a severe structural deformation of the earth's crust due to the engagement of tectonic plates. The word "orogeny" comes from the Greek (oros for "mountain" plus. — “Orogeny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The major feature that was created by this orogeny was the deep-seeded, thick-skinned deformation, with evidence of this orogeny can be found from Canada to northern Mexico, with the easternmost extent of the mountain-building represented by the Black Hills of South Dakota. — “Laramide orogeny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Caledonian orogeny is a mountain building era (orogeny) recorded in the northern parts of the British Isles, western Scandinavia, Svalbard, eastern Greenland and parts of north-central The Caledonian orogeny encompasses events that occurred from the Ordovician to Early. — “Caledonian orogeny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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