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  • Response to such engagement results in the formation of long tracts of highly deformed rock called orogens or orogenic belts. provides a detailed history of a number of orogens, including the Caledonian Oregeny, which lasted from the late Cambrian to the Devonian, with the main collisional. — “Orogeny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This configuration is based on the available geological reconstructions of 2.1-1.8 Ga orogens and related Archean cratonic blocks, especially on those reconstructions between South America vs West Africa, Western Australia vs South Africa, Laurentia. — “Columbia (supercontinent) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The 14 major plates plus the Scotia Plate. Plate tectonics map from NASA. Kuni qoqqodama tectonic plate adunya kana agarsisa. Tectonic plateiin kuta planeta kenya kana crust fi gubba mantle dha (kuni laman walii galatti lithosphere Modelonii tokko tokko plate diddiqo orogens amma jalatti ramadu. — “Qoqodama Tectonic Plate - Wikipedia”,


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