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  • In medicine (pulmonology), psittacosis — also known as parrot disease, parrot fever, and ornithosis — is a zoonotic infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Chlamydophila psittaci (formerly Chlamydia the Psittacidae family, whereas "ornithosis" is used when other birds. — “Psittacosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I'm unsure if the Ornithosis agent article should be deleted, redirected to Ornithosis (actually to Psittacosis since Ornithosis currently redirects there), or The word "Ornithosis" has 70,000+ google hits and "Ornithosis Agent" gets about 16,000 - so neither is something someone just made up. — “Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Science/2009 April 10”,
  • Talk:Ornithosis agent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This page was last modified on 7 April 2009 at 19:15. Text is available under the. — “Talk:Ornithosis agent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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