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  • In anatomy, the olivary bodies or simply olives (Latin oliva and olivae, singular and plural, respectively) are a pair of prominent oval structures in the medulla oblongata, the lower portion of the brainstem. The olivary body is located on the anterior surface of the medulla. — “Olivary body - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Small in humans, but well developed in certain animals, it exhibits similar structure as the inferior olivary nucleus, and is situated immediately above it. Some of the fibers of the trapezoid body end by arborizing around the cells of this nucleus, while others arise from these cells. Contents. — “Superior olivary complex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Fibers passing in the opposite direction from the cerebellum to the olivary nucleus are often described as the CTT, but their existence is doubtful. Many collaterals from the reticular formation and from the pyramids enter the inferior olivary nucleus. — “Inferior olivary nucleus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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