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General Crossword Questions for “okapi”

  • Relative of giraffe
  • African mammal related to giraffe
  • Giraffe-like mammal
  • Giraffe relative
  • Beast related to giraffe
  • Animal related to giraffe
  • Took a picture showing animal in Africa
  • Beast is all right and sounds happy
  • Authorisation for a relation ? of the giraffe
  • Took a picture showing rare animal
  • Animal took a piece of food inside
  • Took a piece, or part, of animal
  • Beast took a pill - no charge!
  • Browser's all right with one eye
  • All correct a sanctimonious creature
  • Took a picture of part of an animal with horns
  • Beast that's comfortable with a relation
  • Animal king a debut for composer describes
  • Animal seen abroad: some took a picture
  • Animal - one going between well and bottomless pit
  • Pin a tail on fine quadruped
  • Beast is all right - Pia isn't!
  • Like a giraffe, it's all right to have one half pint
  • Giraffe-like animal with stripes
  • Giraffe-like animal
  • Ruminant mammal of Africa
  • Mammal related to the giraffe


  • Although the okapi bears striped markings reminiscent of the zebra, it is most closely related to the giraffe. The animal was brought to prominent European attention by speculation of its existence found in popular press reports covering Henry Morton Stanley journey's in 1887. — “Okapi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In information retrieval, Okapi BM25 is a ranking function used by search engines to rank To set the right context, however, it usually referred to as "Okapi BM25", since the Okapi information retrieval system, implemented at London's City University in the 1980s and 1990s, was the first system to. — “Okapi BM25 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Un okapi est un mammiféthe d'la fanmil'ye des bêtes à chavettes tchi d'meuthe en Afrique. L'okapi n'tait pon connu ès Ûropéens d'vant 1901, ouaithe qué nou-s'eûsse ouï d's histouaithes entouor eune tchuthieuse bête tchi 'tait s'posé d'êt' maîntchi girafe maîntchi zèbre. — “Okapi - Wikipedia”,


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