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General Crossword Questions for “oast”

  • Oven for hops
  • Kiln used by official art school teachers, originally
  • Oven - what's put in it? Not starter
  • 'E's said to 'ave a meal for you in the oven
  • Oven in which one has right to cook
  • Kiln, as recorded in ancient books
  • This oven has a ring outside for roasting
  • Oven meal, but no starter
  • Oven grill's surface wiped
  • Ring road goes round a kiln
  • Fall into this and you'll be t___
  • Cooker for bread unopened
  • No starter for joint in oven
  • Hop kiln


  • An oast, oast house or hop kiln is a building designed for kilning (drying) hops as part of the brewing process. Early oast houses were simply adapted barns but, by the early 19th. — “Oast house - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This section deals with the traditional cowls found on oasts, with particular reference to the South East. Often they were much squatter in appearance than oast cowls. — “Cowl (oast) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Canterbury Oast Trust is a registered charity which runs commercial operations that provide occupational opportunities for people with learning disabilities in Kent and East Sussex in England, as well as providing homes, care and educational support.[1]. — “Canterbury Oast Trust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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