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  • Laminaria digitata is a brown alga in the Division Heterokontophyta, of the genus Laminaria, also known by the common name Oarweed. [edit] Ecology. Laminaria digitata is found mostly on exposed sites on shores in the lower littoral where it can be the dominant algae. — “Laminaria digitata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It includes the algae commonly known as nekoashi-kombu, oarweed and chishima-nekoashi-kombu. Bifurcariopsis reproduces by means of conceptacles; it produces tetraspores and dispores and carpospores. [edit] Species. The two species currently recognised are A. bifidus and A. kurilensis. — “Arthrothamnus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Roasted sheets of nori are used to wrap sushi. Edible seaweed are algae that can be eaten or used in the preparation of food. Oarweed (Laminaria digitata) Ogonori (Gracilaria) Sea Belt (Laminaria saccharina) Sea Grapes or Green caviar (Caulerpa. — “Edible seaweed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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