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General Crossword Questions for “nullifier”

  • Neutraliser is ineffective, providing that is right


  • The Ultimate Nullifier is a fictional item of immense power in the Marvel Universe. In its first appearance, Reed Richards threatens the use of the Ultimate Nullifier as a last ditch effort to stop Galactus from destroying Earth. — “Ultimate Nullifier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Nullifier Party was a short-lived political party based in South Carolina in the 1830s. Started by John C. Calhoun, it was a states' rights party that supported the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, holding that States could nullify federal laws within their borders. — “Nullifier Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Abraxas is a cosmic entity who seeks to destroy not only the main Marvel Comics universe, known as Earth-616, but all parallel realities as well, by using a weapon of universal destructive power called the Ultimate Nullifier. Earth-616, the Fantastic Four finally locate the Ultimate Nullifier. — “Abraxas (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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