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  • Neurotransmission (Latin: transmissio = passage, crossing; from transmitto = send, let through), also called synaptic transmission, is an electrical movement within synapses caused by a propagation of nerve impulses. Neurotransmission implies both a convergence and a divergence of information. — “Neurotransmission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Neurotransmitters are endogenous chemicals which transmit signals from a neuron to a target cell across a synapse.[1] Release of neurotransmitters usually follows arrival of an action potential at the synapse, but may also follow graded electrical. — “Neurotransmitter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Neurotransmission is part of the WikiProject Biology, an effort to build a comprehensive Neurotransmission was previously redirected to Chemical synapse, and I've changed it into. — “Talk:Neurotransmission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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