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  • Nagari is an aboriginal word meaning "flowing," and the Bolwell Nagari, also known as the The Nagari featured a Ford 302 or 351 cubic inch V8 engine mounted in a 920 kg (2,028 lb). — “Bolwell Nagari - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • the Gupta alphabet became the ancestor of most Indic scripts (usually through later Devanagari) Nagari, of India's north-west, first appeared around AD 633 the eleventh century, Nagari had become Devanagari, or 'heavenly Nagari', since it was. — “Devanagari - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Eastern Nagari script is an Abugida system of writing belonging to the Brahmic family While very similar to Devanagari, Eastern Nagari (and its child scripts Oriya and. — “Eastern Nagari script - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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