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  • cultivar Naga Jolokia. Trinomial name. Capsicum chinense 'Naga Jolokia. The Naga jolokia, as it is commonly known—also known variously by other names in its native region, sometimes Bhut jolokia—is a chili pepper generally recognized as the hottest in the world. — “Naga Jolokia pepper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Naga stone worship at Hampi. Nāga (Sanskrit: नाग, IAST: nāgá, Burmese: နဂါး, IPA: [nəɡá]; Burmese: naga, At the same time, nagas are important players in many of the events narrated in the epic, frequently no more evil nor deceitful than the other. — “Nāga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Naga (Dungeons & Dragons), various creatures. Naga the Serpent, a character in the Slayers animated series. Monster Rancher monsters#Naga, a character in the video game and anime series, Monster Rancher. Naga (Warcraft), an amphibious race in the Warcraft series. — “Naga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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