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  • An Nabk[1] or Al-Nabk (Arabic: النبك‎) is a Syrian city administratively belonging to Rif Dimashq and the capital of the Qalamoun. Al-Nabk has been mentioned by Arab geographers from the 12th to 13th centuries CE. — “An Nabk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It can reach a height of 2–5 m, with shiny green leaves about 5 cm long. The edible fruit is a globose dark yellow drupe 1-1.5 cm diameter called a nabk. Common names in Arabic are sidr , rubeida ("after its crouch-shaped treetop"), nbeg in Tunisia and annab in Lebanon.[1]. — “Ziziphus lotus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Al-Nabk District (Arabic: منطقة النبك‎) is a Syrian district (mantiqah) administratively belonging to Rif Dimashq. The district is also known as Kalamom, Qada' an Nabk, Qalamoun, Qalamun, Qalamūn, Qaza of Nebek, Qaḑā' an Nabk, Minţaqat an Nabk[1]. — “Al-Nabk District - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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