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  • In science fiction fandom, some fans classify all non-fans as "mundanes."[3] In historical reenactment groups such as the Society for Creative Anachronism (which originated in science fiction fandom): some participants classify all non-participants as "mundanes". — “Mundane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Mundanes were an early-1980s Rhode Island-based New Wave band featuring future They Might Be Giants member John Linnell. They released one single called Make it the Same, featuring three songs, "Make it the Same," "Funnier Than Love," and "Empty Boulevards. — “The Mundanes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • List of Xanth characters · Magicians · Family of Merlin · Family of Ebnez · Family of Humfrey · Centaur family · Goblin family · Gourd · Mundanes · Other characters. Geography of Xanth · Companions of Xanth · Letters to Jenny. Retrieved from "". — “Mundanes in Xanth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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