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  • Conspiracy to Fraud, Money Laundering. Penalty. 4 years 8 months in prison. Status to focus on what he saw as "misapplied" talent and an "ambitious conspiracy;"[12] while the Metropolitan Police Arts and. — “Shaun Greenhalgh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • And as I keep saying "misapplied" was not used in isolation but in If it is unclear whether the name is misapplied or not (as suggested by your argumentation above), then "shared" is identical in verifiable meaning with "shared (or misapplied)", and so the additional words are redundant. — “Talk:Common yabby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The NPOV problem with the sentence is "based on misapplied psychoanalytic theories"--You and I may agree they're misapplied, but the proponents obviously do not agree. way, such as "which mainstream organizations such as the APA have termed 'misapplied'."--with appropriate citations, of course. — “Talk:Attachment therapy/GA1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • But Mordecai suffered a check which lasted long, from the consciousness of a misapplied agitation; sane as well as excitable, he judged severely his moments of aberration into futile eagerness, and felt discredited with himself. — “Daniel Deronda” by George Eliot
  • She was habitually pensive, and this circumstance tended to remind the spectator of her friendless condition; and yet that epithet was surely misapplied in this case. — “Wieland” by Charles Brockden Brown

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