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  • Ring armour is closely related to scale armour, but provides less protection and is more flexible. Tapestry is standard chain mail and not "ring mail" or "trellised mail" or "mascled mail" or any other Victorian construction.[2]. — “Ring armour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • As for Meyrick's proposed classification of mail - 'ringed', 'single', 'double-chain', 'mascled', 'rustred', 'trelliced', etc. - it may be dismissed without further ado. theories of 'ringed', 'trelliced', 'mascled', etc. all refer to what. — “Talk:Ring armour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Anglo-Saxon dress refers to the variety of early medieval European dress, or clothing, worn by the Anglo-Saxons from the time of their migration to Mascled armor" began to replace the traditional ringed armory. — “Anglo-Saxon dress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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