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  • The technology for glass beadmaking is among the oldest human arts, dating back 3,000 years (Dubin, 1987).[citation needed] Glass beads have been dated back to at least Roman times. This process is called marvering, originating from the French word "marver" which translates to "marble". — “Glass beadmaking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The influence of the Islamic world to the history of glass is reflected by its distribution around the world, from Europe to China, and from Russia to East Africa. Marvering involves applying a continuous trail of opaque glass (in various colours such. — “Glass in Islamic culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This glass is then rolled on the marver (marvering[16]), which was traditionally a flat slab of marble, but today is more commonly a fairly thick flat sheet of steel. This forms a cool skin on the exterior of the molten glass and shapes it. Then air is blown into the pipe, creating a bubble. — “Glassblowing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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