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  • Herbs perennial , terrestrial , rarely epiphytic, aromatic , with fleshy , tuberous or non-tuberous rhizomes, often with tuber-bearing roots. Ovary inferior, 3-loculed initially, 1- or 3-loculed when mature ; ovules ± numerous per locule; placentation parietal , basal, or axile. — “Curcuma mangga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The leaves are lanceolate or ovate, pointy, simple and opposite with well-defined veining, somewhat velvety, and often flushed with red on the undersides. Flowers have 4-lobed calyx, 4 petals, 8 stamens, and a 4-loculed ovary, pink or white. — “Centradenia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It has been recorded in Namdapha National Park[4][5] in Northeast India. There are historical records of the species from other Male flowers have 2-loculed anthers, broadly ellipsoid, dehiscent by apical pores; apical. — “Sapria himalayana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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