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General Crossword Questions for “lockout”

  • Reverse of 10 making TUC look uncomfortable?
  • 13 closed to workers with crazy note about their heart
  • Sentry's third change to provide bar to work


  • The 2004–05 NHL lockout was a lockout that resulted in the cancellation of what would have been the 88th season of the National Hockey League (NHL) The lockout lasted 310 days starting September 16, 2004, the day. — “2004–05 NHL lockout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • For example, if the anticipated strike severely hampers work of non-striking workers, the employer may declare a lockout until the workers end the strike. Another case in which an employer may impose a lockout is to avoid slowdowns or intermittent work-stoppages. — “Lockout (industry) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Lockout device, a buzzer system where the first button press prevents other presses from being recognized Lockout law, a law to prevent people entering venues between certain times, usually late at night as a crime prevention strategy. — “Lockout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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