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  • In theoretical linguistics, Mirror Theory refers to a particular approach to the architecture of the language organ developed by Michael Brody, who claims his theory to be purely When the structure is pronounced, it linearises in the following order: specifiers precede heads, and heads precede their. — “Mirror Theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In theory the more constant current linearises the differential stage. The CC may be approximated by a resistor dropping a large voltage, or may be generated by an active circuit (either tube, transistor or FET based) The long tail pair can also be used as a phase splitter. — “Valve audio amplifier – technical - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • It may be useful in articles on Canadian cities, but it is really just clutter elsewhere. that it includes compass-directions as text, and linearises properly I've raised the issue at Wikipedia talk:. — “Template talk:Geographic location/Archive 1 - Wikipedia, the”,


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