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General Crossword Questions for “libations”

  • Blend basil into alcoholic drinks


  • Libation scene, Greek red figure cup, c. 480 BC, Louvre. A libation (Σπονδή spondee in Greek) is a ritual pouring of a drink as an offering to a god or deity. It was common in the religions of antiquity, including Judaism: Isaiah uses libation as a metaphor when describing the end of the. — “Libation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A carton and a glass of eggnog from Montreal, called by its French name lait de poule Eggnog, also known as egg nog, is a sweetened dairy-based beverage made with milk and/or. — “Eggnog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Libations of Samhain is a live album released by Sunn O))). The first track is a live performance in London, on Halloween 2003 and the second is an interview by Savage Pencil and Sharon Gal, originally broadcast on London's Resonance FM. — “The Libations of Samhain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • Come forth, my child Hermione, before the house, and take these libations in thine hand, and my hair, and, going to the tomb of Clytæmnestra, leave there this mixture of milk and honey, and the froth of wine, and standing on the summit of the mound, say thus: "Helen, thy sister, presents thee with these libations, in fear herself to approach thy tomb, and afraid of the populace of Argos:" and bid her hold kind intentions toward me, and thyself, and my husband, and toward these two miserable persons whom the God has destroyed. — “Medea” by Euripides
  • Indeed, there is very little need of being particular in describing the whole form, as it differed so little from those libations of which so much is recorded in antient authors and their modern transcribers. — “Tom Jones” by Henry Fielding
  • Bhagírath, rich in glory's light, The hero with the arm of might, Thus to the Lord of earth and sky Raised suppliant hands and made reply:– 'If the great God his favor deigns, And my long toil its fruit obtains, Let Sagar's sons receive from me Libations that they long to see. — “Ramayana” by Valmiki
  • It was employed in the worship of the Deities, and was used for libations of blood, wine, milk, and honey. — “Metamorphoses” by Ovid
  • And yet good hope is mine that I shall find A welcome from my sire, a welcome too, From thee, my mother, and my brother dear; From with these hands, I laved and decked your limbs In death, and poured libations on your grave. — “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles


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