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  • The Twelve Labours of Hercules (Greek: Δωδεκαθλος, dodekathlos) are a series of archaic episodes connected by a later continuous narrative, concerning a penance carried out by Heracles, the greatest of the Greek heroes, whose name was later romanised as Hercules. — “Labours of Hercules - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Patlabor (a portmanteau of "patrol" and "labor") refers to Mobile Police Patlabor (機動警察パトレイバー, Kidō Keisatsu The Tokyo Metropolitan Police has its own fleet of Patlabors to combat crimes and deal with accidents involving Labors. — “Patlabor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Labour/Le Travail, an academic journal focusing on the Canadian labour movement. Labour movement, the development of a collective organisation of working people. — “Labour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • "In the seventh place, try, by the frequent thought of death," the Rhetor said, "to bring yourself to regard it not as a dreaded foe, but as a friend that frees the soul grown weary in the labors of virtue from this distressful life, and leads it to its place of recompense and peace." — “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy
  • Skilled in the grounds of war and peace They saw the monarch's state increase, Watching his weal with conquering eye That never let occasion by, While nature lent her aid to bless Their labors with unbought success. — “Ramayana” by Valmiki
  • "You have only to wait, I am to do the work," said John beginning his labors by picking up Meg's napkin, with an expression which caused Jo to shake her head, and then say to herself with an air of relief as the front door banged, "Here comes Laurie. Now we shall have some sensible conversation." — “Little Women” by Louisa M. Alcott
  • May pity still, ye children dear, Your hearts unite, your labors crown, And grief and anger at her cruel pain, As on her cheeks and veil the hot tears rain! But how can I, in speech or song, Your praises fitly sing, To whose mature and careful thought, The work superb, in your proud task achieved, Will fame immortal bring? What notes of cheer can I now send to you, That may unto your ardent souls appeal, And add new fervor to your zeal? — “Complete poems” by Giacomo Leopardi
  • Bildad laid down his book, and turning solemnly towards him said, "Captain Peleg, thou hast a generous heart; but thou must consider the duty thou owest to the other owners of this ship–widows and orphans, many of them–and that if we too abundantly reward the labors of this young man, we may be taking the bread from those widows and those orphans. — “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville
  • When I had entered he was sweeping the shop, and he had sweetened his labors by sweeping over me. — “Great expectations” by Charles Dickens


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