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  • I am in favor of creating redirect links for all unit/prefix pairs, as in kG links to kilogauss, which redirects to Gauss (unit) the text shown when you hover over a link for kG will show kilogauss, rather than "Gauss (unit)", so it is immediately clear what the unit/prefix. — “Template talk:Val/unitswithlink - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • (Redirected from Kilogauss) Jump to: navigation, search. The gauss, abbreviated as G, is the cgs unit of measurement of a magnetic field B (which is also known as the "magnetic flux density", or the "magnetic induction"), named after the German mathematician and physicist Karl Friedrich Gauss. — “Gauss (unit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Below is the short formulas for core areas in square inches having a flux density of 12 kilogauss at 60 Hz (see note 2) Note 2: A value of 12 kilogauss per square inch (77,400 lines per sq. — “User:Msiddalingaiah/Transformer design - Wikipedia, the free”,


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