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  • Qaim Maqam or Qaimaqam or Kaymakam (also spelled kaimakam and caimacam) (Arabic قائم مقام ) (English: sub-governor) is the title The modern Turkish term kaymakam or kaimakam originally comes from two Arabic words as used in Ottoman. — “Kaymakam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Marmara. Province. Kırklareli. Government - Kaimakam. Mustafa Demir. Population (2000) - Total Babaeski is a town and district of Kırklareli Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. It has. — “Babaeski - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • After being attached to the staff of the Vali of Syria, he held the position of Kaimakâm of Mamouret-el-Azîz for three and a half years. He practised law at Damascus with partners Shukri Bey El-Asli and Abdul-Wahhâb Bey El-Inglîzi, and went. — “Faiz El-Ghusein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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