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  • One common traditional dish that involves jugging is Jugged Hare (known as civet de lièvre in France), which is a whole hare, cut into pieces, marinated and cooked with red wine and juniper berries in a tall jug that stands in a pan of water. — “Jugging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A game based on the same movie developed within the game Amtgard and is referred to there as "Jugging" Taken from an English translation of a German document: — “Jugger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Other terms for this process include ascending, prusiking and jugging.[1] Ascenders, left rigged for ascending, right shown open Jumaring, also referred to as jugging, is where the second climber (the one who belays the lead climber on. — “Ascender (climbing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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