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  • A jackscrew's compressive force is obtained through the tension force applied by its leadscrew. An Acme thread is most often used, as this thread is very strong and can resist the large loads imposed on most jackscrews while not being dramatically weakened by wear over many rotations. — “Jackscrew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • All wreckage was unloaded at Port Hueneme, California for examination and documentation.[11] Both the horizontal stabilizer trim system jackscrew (also referred to as "acme screw"), and the corresponding acme nut, which the jackscrew turns through, were retrieved. — “Alaska Airlines Flight 261 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Isn't device shown here a screw jack, a device which employs a jackscrew. A jackscrew is a more generalized device where a threaded rod rotates, and a nut moves along the length of the rod. As is used extensively in large aircraft or in space flight?. — “Talk:Jackscrew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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