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  • Jacks (sometimes called jackstones, jackrocks, fivestones, onesies, knucklebones, or snobs) is a playground game for children. Depending on the total number of jacks included, the number may not divide evenly and there may be jacks left over. — “Jacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • His family having relocated to Vancouver, Jacks took up guitar in his teens and at 18 joined a Vancouver, British Columbia, band called The Chessmen. Following The Chessmen, Jacks teamed up with well-known singer Susan. — “Terry Jacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Jacks were a 1960s Japanese psychedelic rock group who released their most well known studio album Vacant World (or 'Jacks No Sekai' in Japanese) in 1968. The Jacks, originally known as Nightingale, began their career in 1966 as a folk trio. — “Jacks (1960s Japanese band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • Signals, ensigns, and jacks of all colours were flying from her rigging, on every side. — “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville
  • But the novel disaster quenched her courage for a time, for public opinion is a giant which has frightened stouter-hearted Jacks on bigger beanstalks than hers. — “Little Women” by Louisa M. Alcott


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