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  • Matthias Jabs (born October 25, 1955) is a German guitarist and songwriter. Before joining the Scorpions, Jabs had played for the bands Lady, Fargo and Deadlock. — “Matthias Jabs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Several variations of the jab exist, but every jab shares these characteristics: while in a fighting stance, the lead fist is thrown straight ahead and the arm is fully extended. Jabbing to the body is relatively uncommon, because it increases a fighter's vulnerability to a counterpunch. — “Jab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Little Jabs is the second full-length studio album by Canadian indie rock band Two Hours Traffic, released on Bumstead Records on July 24, 2007. Guitarist Alec O'Hanley explained the Little Jabs reference: "The title is meant to be about that point in a relationship where you're more and. — “Little Jabs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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